Advisors with Purpose – Your Will Can Be a Love Letter Webinar

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    Creating a will can be like writing a love letter. Thinking through your options, making good choices, and considering those you love can say more to them than you may think. Having your things in order is one way to let your family and heirs know that you love them enough to not burden them with making decisions on their own during their time of grief.

    What will your love letter say? Will it share your hopes and dreams for those you love? Will it speak of your faith and values? Will it share your heart for generosity?

    Our partners at Advisors with Purpose would like to help. They are hosting a webinar called, “Your Will as a Love letter” presented by Lorne Jackson, president of Advisors with Purpose. He will be sharing information about choosing the right executor, the importance of selecting your powers of attorney, and having a living will. He will provide explanations on trusts, on how to speak with family members, and on some of the best ways to share with your family and heirs.

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