Alliance History & Thought Course

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    Alliance History and Thought is a course that surveys the origins of The Christian and Missionary Alliance movement in its social, cultural, and theological context, with emphasis on its historical continuities and changes and evaluating Alliance distinctives.

    This course is a requirement for licensing in the Alliance and must be taken for credit in order to work within the denomination. If you have not yet taken Alliance History and Thought as part of your licensing process, this class is for you! All students taking this course as a licensing requirement will be charged half the normal tuition fee.

    Once you’ve registered for the class through Ambrose University, there is a Moodle site where you can download the syllabus from the instructor. Please note that there is a specific form for registering if you are taking this class for licensing purposes.

    Please contact Stacy at once you have registered for the course. She will also be happy to answer any questions you might have.