Ambrose Day of Prayer

The Board of Governors at Ambrose University has designated February 6th, as a Day of Prayer for Ambrose University. Will you join in prayer leading up to and on this day as we ask for God’s providential care and blessing upon the life, mission, and student body of the university?

The Board will be using this day for a time of focused prayer, and there will be events and gatherings throughout the course of the day on campus that will provide opportunities for focused prayer for faculty, staff, and students. These events will also be open to guests to the campus – parents, alums, and local church leaders who would like to participate.

Starting in the New Year, Ambrose will be posting regular updates on leading up to February 6th with particular items that could be included in your prayers and resources you may find helpful. Please also consider including Ambrose in the Pastoral Prayer or Prayers of the People on Sunday, February 4th.

Event Details