Central Canadian District – District Superintendent

Posted: March 11, 2021

Call for Nominations

The Committee on Nominations for the 2021 District Conference of The Central Canadian District (June 22-23, 2021) is prepared to receive Nomination Papers from candidates who wish to be considered for nomination to the position of District Superintendent.

  • Candidates are to be committed to and able to meet the criteria as outlined in the DS Profile.
  • Candidates must also be individuals who:
    • Are Canadian citizens;
    • Are approved for licensing by the C&MA in Canada before they submit their papers; and
    • Have significant Canadian ministry leadership experience

Click here to read The Policy on Process for Electing District Superintendents.

The incumbent District Superintendent, Rev. Stephen Harbridge, will not be standing for re-election.

Interested Candidates are to submit a nomination package to Ian Campbell at ian@southsidemilton.org by April 30, 2021. A Nomination Package will include:

  • Resume of ministry experience
  • Position statement of vision, goals, and expected outcomes during the term