Farewell and Thank You!

By: Errol Rempel | July 14, 2021

In my inaugural communication to you as a newly minted DS in 2013, I referenced Stephen Covey’s assertion that the presence or absence of mutual trust profoundly influences the health and progress of all teams and enterprises (The Speed of Trust, 2008).

As I conclude my term at the end of this month, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude both for the trust you have collectively extended to me across these years and also for your trustworthiness. How greatly I have come to trust in, and depend upon, all of you as a district family!

Thank you for sparking joy in me in so many ways! I’ve watched you creatively love and serve people not yet connected to our perfect Father in Heaven through faith in Christ. I’ve observed your tenacity and resilience in shepherding the flock of God during some very challenging circumstances.

You, your elder boards, and church families have received me and Marilyn so warmly when we were present with you. You’ve been patient with my weaknesses, open to my counsel, and respectful of my role and responsibilities. You’ve been charitable when I couldn’t, for whatever reason, fulfill your expectations and requests. Thank you!

You (and your elder boards) have been generous with your time and expertise, with many of you investing yourselves beyond your own church on district teams and projects that served the interests of some or all of our district churches. The fruit of your involvement is visible in the enhanced health and strength of our churches. Thank you!

In my next chapter, I plan to move forward. I look forward to greater involvement in my wonderful church home, Pacific Community Church in Cloverdale. I’m grateful for the opportunity to focus on some important local relationships; I’ve been elected President of the Strata Council in our condo building. I’ll be looking for opportunities to learn, coach, and serve in areas of central concern for me: promoting intercultural competence, supporting the development of female leaders, facilitating effective church governance, and serving emerging leaders.

Marilyn plans to work at least another year at White Rock Christian Academy as an Educational Assistant with special needs students. When we can, we look forward to some international travel together.

I thank the Lord Jesus and all of you for the great honour of walking alongside all of you these past eight years.