Gear for Good Causes

October 25, 2022

I am Gerry Teichrob, serving the CPD as a Transitional Pastor since 2005.  I am also a musician. I play bass with Quintessential Jazz Band, and have played with many worship teams. I have bought and sold a lot of music and sound gear over the years. I have worked with over 75 churches and have observed many churches have a closet full of unused, or non-working music/sound gear just gathering dust.

A couple of years ago I launched Gear for Good Causes. I turn unused, unwanted, or broken music/sound gear into $$$$ for your worship budget or for other worthy registered charities. To date over 125 pieces of gear has been donated by over 25 different churches or individuals. The gear has been refurbished and sold  – raising over $16,000 so far. All of the funds raised from the sale of gear is given away. The donor of the gear chooses where the funds go.

I have been networking with friends, musicians, and worship pastors. Many of our Alliance churches have made donations – Surrey Alliance, Pacific Community Church, Penticton Alliance, Maple Ridge Alliance, and Mountainview Alliance to name a few. If your church has unused, unwanted, or non-working gear, please contact me at or 778-998-6265.  Thanks for considering!