Into the Neighbourhood – Two Day Workshop

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    This 2-day event hopes to equip people with an imagination to become neighbours and to challenge churches to look at how we measure what it means to be faithful. This event is for individuals, and even more so for churches who have understood the importance of bearing witness to God through community.

    Who should attend?

    This 2-day event is for pastors, leaders, and those who take seriously the call of Jesus to follow Him. It is for all who seek to become neighbours and to see neighbourhood transformation.

    Day 1
    Won’t You Be a Neighbour: 6 Priorities for Neighbouring

    This first day is presented by Karen Wilk and Preston Pouteaux of Forge Canada. Both of these author/teacher/practitioners, lead churches that are seeking to raise up those who are learning what it means to become neighbours and to see neighbourhood transformation.

    Their sessions will include…

    • Rediscovering the Commission and the Commandment: We are little Jesus’s
    • Renewing Imagination: We are imaginative
    • Rejuvenating Senses: We are attentive
    • Redeeming Hospitality: We are party’ers
    • Reducing Scale: We are human
    • Realizing Shalom: We are animators

    Day 2
    A Faithful Presence: Being the Church in the Neighbourhood

    Our second day is presented by David Fitch with Cameron Roxburgh. David, as well an author, teacher and speaker, is a local practitioner. More than any strategy, what is needed for the transforming work of the Spirit in neighbourhoods across the country, is the people of God to engage in practices, which allow them to bear witness to the presence of God in that place. David’s wisdom and experience are a gift to those churches that desire to participate in God’s mission. The scorecard is not about how big a church grows (although we pray and long for growth) but rather about recognizing the presence of the Kingdom.

    David’s sessions will include…

    • The cultural dislocation of the church – and the restructuring of the church
    • The practice of the table
    • The practice of the least of these (children and poor)
    • The practice of reconciliation
    • Moving towards a Faithful Presence
    • Date and Time

      Oct 26, 2018 - Oct 27, 2018

    • Address

      Cariboo Road Christian Fellowship
      7200 Cariboo Road Burnaby, BC

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