Jaffray Project 2019

September 19, 2019

The time is short. These are not days of ordinary missionary work. In the short time that remains for us to work for Him, we must concentrate on this kind of missionary work. If we take up this task of going to the unreached parts of the world for Him, the Lord will surely work with us and He will work speedily too.” Penned by C&MA missionary Robert Jaffray in 1930, he understood his calling and didn’t shy away from sacrifice and service to least-reached people.

His legacy is the foundation of the Jaffray Project: to take up the task of going to the least-reached people of the world, to offer them the opportunity to know Jesus. There are people all over the world who are eager to hear more about God. The Jaffray Project sends international workers to least-reached people groups such as the Fulani, Wolof, Yazidis, and Balinese Hindus. Your support launches new workers and supports the Global Advance Fund. 

This year we are focusing on the Rohingya and Huichol people groups.

Like Robert Jaffray, we want to continue sharing the Good News! The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada is committed to Jesus and His mission and we want to bring access to Jesus.

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