Levite Summit

What is a Levite?

Simply put, a Levite is a servant. In the Bible, the Levites were those from the tribe of Levi, that were charged with the responsibility of serving in God’s temple. At that time a Levite could be a priest, a musician, or an artisan. But a Levite could also be someone from the tribe of Levi that was in charge of cleaning, building, or organizing. So, at the Levite Summit in this modern day, a Levite is anyone who serves in that same way. Young or old. A feeler or a thinker. A leader or a team member. A pastor or a worship leader. A songwriter or a painter. A technician or a musician. Dance, speak, write, lead, pray, act, play, edit…in the conventional church, or outside the walls in the community. If God has given you a gift and you want to use it to serve, then you are a Levite, and the Levite Summit is for you.

What is the Levite Summit?

It is an arts and leadership conference for Levites. If you fit into any of the categories above, the Levite Summit is a place for you to come and be equipped in your gifts and talents, and to share them with others as well. It is a place of learning and growing. It is a place of connecting and inspiration. Psalm 78:72 tells us that King David led with skillful hands and a pure heart. Attend to both of those areas in your life – excellence and passion, giftedness and maturity. Come to the Summit!

Breakout sessions include inspiration and application, with spiritual and practical learning outcomes for registrants in areas such as worship and music, the arts, tech, students, compassion, and a general track.

Over the years we’ve also realized the importance of having a safe and quiet place for confidential prayer ministry or just to reflect on your learning. A trained prayer team is on hand for those needing some soul care.

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Early Bird (until Jan. 31st) – $85
Regular Group – $85 until sell-out or conference start
Regular – $95 until sell-out or conference start

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Event Details

  • Date and Time

    Mar 2, 2018 - Mar 3, 2018

  • Address

    Trinity Church
    1905 Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC

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