Living Free Conference

Everyone has a story. Our thought patterns and beliefs about who we are, who God is, how we relate to others, and even what we can expect from life, are all impacted by what our story has written on our hearts. The good news is that hearts matter to Jesus. He comes to us with a desire to heal our hearts: to hear our story, to speak to our wounded places, to bring His truth to the places where we have believed what is false because of our pain. He has something to say to those places and we can hear and engage with Him in this process.

This conference will lead you through a process of recognizing what your story has written on your heart (the beliefs you now hold) and then allowing Jesus to speak His truth to false beliefs and wounded expectations. You will be invited to acknowledge how these beliefs have impacted your relationships.

When the Spirit has revealed our false beliefs and given us truth, we can begin to walk with one another from a place of trust and freedom. We can be our true selves because He has healed and blessed who we are. This is the foundation for healthy relationships.

Living Free Vancouver Schedule

Cost is $25 per person
Child care is available for $10 per family

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Event Details

  • Date and Time

    Nov 17, 2017 - Nov 19, 2017

  • Address

    Pacific Community Church
    5337 180 Street Surrey, BC

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