Love New Canadians

February 24, 2020

Equipping Churches for Ministry with Immigrants

Love New Canadians is a ministry that equips local churches to serve new Canadians in their neighbourhoods and to be intentionally welcoming for immigrants. They equip local churches to do demographic research to understand the immigrants in their neighbourhoods, create settlement programming to help new Canadians adapt well here in Canada, and then help those immigrants connect with mature believers in our churches who will show them the love of Christ. They equip local churches to begin a Bridges class that provides a gentle and non-threatening introduction to the life and teaching of Jesus.

New Canadians are seeking friendship and community. Every church has friendly volunteers who can share God’s love with immigrant neighbours, but often they don’t know how to do this. Love New Canadians can help your church develop a pathway to Jesus for immigrants.

Love New Canadians was founded by Rick & Patti Love, C&MA workers with cross-cultural ministry experience since 1994.