Misty River Ministries Update

April 16, 2021

Under the leadership of Bart and Korrin Metcalf, Misty River Ministries works with individuals of aboriginal descent in the Northwest Region of B.C. Their vision is to reach young people for Christ, disciple them as believers, and trust God to raise up leaders from among them to reach their own generation.

The last year has been challenging but Bart and Korrin have a lot to be grateful for:

  • Bart was recently designated as an essential worker in one village due to the mental health needs of those he works with. This has made it possible for him to help many distressed young people who he would have otherwise not been able to meet with during the pandemic.
  • A young man, with whom Bart has worked with since 2006 recently related a story to him. He asked if Bart remembered a young man who had been at his place during their visits; the three of them had visited and talked about the things of God a few times. Bart’s friend, DG, had asked him for a Bible to give to TS 9 years ago. He told Bart, one of the main things that influenced his friend was one day when they went mushroom picking. The story goes that as they began to pick, DG prayed out loud, “Lord I need to feed my family, so please give me a good day and lots of mushroom to sell.” DG said, “I have never before or since had such a good day picking mushrooms.” TS was impressed that God had answered DG’s prayer. Recently TS accepted the Lord. DG encouraged Bart to continue talking with TS as his Facebook page is full of Bible verses and references to the goodness and greatness of God. Hallelujah! Bart is connecting with him, but his deep desire is that he would be able to coach DG in working with and discipling TS. They are trusting God for disciples that make other disciples. It’s already happening, and they are trusting God will bring about much more.
  • Another young man, GG, went to a 30-day detox program in Chilliwack in 2019. When he returned, he held strong for two weeks, however, this was not easy. The very first night he arrived home, a friend was waiting for him with a case of beer. After two weeks, being challenged on every side with drink, he gave in. Over 2020, when we were not in lockdown, Bart met with him regularly and talked about God and how He reveals Himself in scripture. GG spoke often of receiving the Lord at a young age. Leaving his home on the opposite coast, he came to live with his dad who introduced him to the drug life and all its trappings. He fully embraced a life of drugs and drinking. As Bart read scripture, he read 1 John 1:6 “So we are lying if we say we have fellowship with God but go on living in spiritual darkness. We are not living in the truth.” After reading this, he thought of GG and thought about the possibility of sharing this with him. Bart visited and he suddenly asked a question, “What do you think God would say about my life now?” Bart felt God was leading him to go ahead and share the verse with him. He shared with him how God longed to bring him closer to Himself and that God wanted to lead him into a new understanding of the relationship he desired GG to have with Him when he committed himself to the Lord all those years long ago. Today GG is back in the treatment centre. He has gone through the 30-day detox program and has decided to stay for the one-year program. Praise God!
  • A group from Maple Park Alliance Church visited Hazelton last year, met with some of the folks they minister to, and attended Grace Gathering. In October Bart went and spoke at the church to share about the ministry in Hazelton and to give a message followed by a Q & A session with the congregation. On January 22, the board approved a partnering relationship. They will support Misty River financially and they will send teams to do soccer camps and other events in the community. The Metcalf’s will visit them and report on ministry, share with them about First Nation’s culture, and seek to help them find ways to reach out to the Red Bluff Reserve near their community.