New Leaf Virtual Neighbourhood

April 7, 2020

When it comes to the future of the church in Canada, there are no longer experts. We need to become each other’s experts. Together we must faithfully follow God, draw on the ancient resources of the church, stay attentive to our neighbourhoods and networks, and learn in community. In light of this, New Leaf would like to invite you to join other Canadian starters, planters and missional practitioners in the New Leaf Virtual Neighbourhood. Right now the Neighbourhood will consist of three distinct parts: The Prayer Chapel, the Café, and the Learning Centre. Each place serving a unique function, re-inventing the future of the church in Canada.

The Prayer Chapel

Every Tuesday at 10am, New Leaf is calling fellow Canadians to join them in prayer for each other, for our front-line workers, for our leaders, for our neighbours, and for our country. They’ll offer spiritual practices, resources and carve out time to hear one another’s needs.

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The Cafe

Have you been working from home? Are you used to working in a coffee shop, or a busy office? Do you wish you could just sit down at a table and talk something through with a fellow planter, starter or missional practitioner? Join them Monday to Friday from 10am to noon in the New Leaf Café for a little co-working and some informal chances to connect with like-minded people from across Canada.

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The Learning Centre

Each week they will feature Canadian leaders who have cleared a unique path in the new Canadian landscape. The Learning Centre is meant to expose you to new ways of thinking, spark your imagination and tune your heart to the way that God is already at work in our country. You’ll receive live interaction with other leaders and practitioners from across Canada and space to hear what others are trying and learning.

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It’s time to turn home confinement into home connection!

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