Policy Change for Issuing Temporary Clergy Licenses

The Vital Statistics Agency of BC has been increasingly diligent in scrutinizing requests for temporary clergy licenses, and this has necessitated a revision to our Licenses for the Solemnization of Marriage Policy. What was previously a wide-open door has become narrower for us in applying for temporary clergy licenses as we seek to comply with the Marriage Act of BC and the C&MA Ordination Policy.

Important changes to note in our policy include:

  • clarifications on workers who qualify for a temporary clergy license
  • a five-year limit for the granting of temporary clergy licenses to previously ordained former workers
  • methods for determining good standing for former workers
  • criteria for determining a wedding’s connection to a CPD church

Click here to read the Licenses for the Solemnization of Marriage Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy change, please contact our office.