Safety & Risk Children’s Ministry Webinar

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    Do you have questions about how to interpret and implement your church’s Safety & Risk Management Policy (S&RM)? You may already have procedures in place, or you may be wondering why you are required to incorporate certain practices in your children’s ministry. Assessing and managing risk is an essential part of your role as a children’s ministry leader. Charlene Kane, the Canadian Pacific District’s consultant for all things S&RM, will guide us through the requirements of the S&RM policy, why it matters for your church, and how to create workable procedures that support the policy in your ministry.

    We welcome any questions that you may have about the S&RM policy, implementation, and Plan to Protect! Please send your questions to Carmen Kinniburgh by January 31st so that we can include them in our prep for the webinar.

    Unable to attend? We will be recording the webinar, and can provide access to the recording for those who register for the “Recording Only” ticket for this free event.

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