Soul Care Conference Livestream

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    Sometimes the bitterness, shame, fear and pain that is filling our soul keeps us from fully experiencing the peace and joy that Christ has for us.

    Soul Care Conference led by Dr. Rob Reimer is a time for you to interact with a few friends, processing pain and getting free!

    Take a few days to learn and apply Biblical principles for healing the soul and overcoming broken and sinful areas of life!

    • Identity/Overcoming Lies About Yourself
    • Repentance
    • Breaking Family Sin Patterns
    • Forgiving Others
    • Healing Wounds
    • Overcoming Fears
    • Deliverance

    During each session, a ministry time will be provided for participants to process their journey and walk with others through healing.

    Good news – this season affords us a unique opportunity to provide a Soul Care Conference for your local church! There are many places in British Columbia where Rob will never be able to go personally and offer a Soul Care Conference, but now your church can get involved in a Livestream Soul Care Conference with training in deliverance at no cost to you (other than an individuals ticket price.) To watch a video about this opportunity, click here!

    For participating churches, Rob will provide personal, live training in deliverance ministry for those in your church who are ready to be equipped in it. He does this because his goal is not simply to get people free, but to equip the church to be able to get people free.

    To Join:

    1. Purchase Tickets. Each person who wants to view and attend the Soul Care Conference Livestream on May 28-30 must purchase a ticket through Eventbrite.
    2. Form Triads. I would encourage you to motivate your people to form triads from your local church and process with one another during the triad space over Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, etc. This will help your church get freer and go deeper in community.
    3. Send us an email. Let us know approximately how many people are coming from your church. This will help us to help you be prepared for deliverance teams.
    4. Identify & train leaders who want to be equipped in deliverance ministry. Invite a group of leaders that you want to train in deliverance ministry to join us for the Deliverance Training Livestream. Your group of leaders should be about 10% of the people you have participating in the Soul Care Conference. This will allow you to have a trained group of people who can begin to form a deliverance ministry in your local context.
    5. Attend deliverance training.  Deliverance Methodology Training Livestream for Deliverance Teams will be held on May 22, at 4:00pm (PT) and the video will be available for 2 weeks. This will begin to equip your church in deliverance ministries so that you can work with your people who attend the Livestream Soul Care Conference to get them free, and you will be able to begin to establish freedom ministries in your local church.

    During each day ministry time will be provided for participants to process their own journey and walk with others through healing (this is called your “triad,” as groups of 3 people work really well.) Click here to see a video explaining how we will do our best to provide opportunities for processing with others in a Livestream setting.

    Soul Care is available at or as a Kindle ebook.

    Click here to register!