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SoulFormation seeks to nurture spiritual health in the lives of men and women who serve in Christian organizations. We assist pastors and other leaders in discovering avenues of revitalization that will lead to sustainable, joyful, and life-giving ministries.

Finding experiences of renewal amid the demands of serving others is one of the greatest challenges leaders face. SoulFormation endeavours to provide resources and experiences that will “give back”.

In light of challenges that come with ministry, it is critical to stop, reflect, and recover union with Christ. If we fail to do this, the “being” side of ministry will be swallowed by the world of “doing.”

SoulFormation seeks to shift the focus away from the external demands to places of inner renewal. We invite you to join us in exploring avenues that bring life and hope to the soul.

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Spiritual Direction

A spiritual director helps you discover and accept what God is doing in your life and what God is asking you to do. Spiritual direction is an ongoing conversation between you, the spiritual director, and the Holy Spirit about how you can know, love, and follow Christ more fully.

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Spiritual Directors

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