Temporary Clergy License Requests

Currently licensed workers in The Alliance Canada (C&MA) may request a temporary clergy license in order to officiate a wedding in British Columbia. A clergy number is required to officiate a wedding.

Former workers who were both previously ordained and were licensed in the C&MA within the last five years may also apply. Please read the Licenses for the Solemnization of Marriage Policy before submitting the information below in order to determine your eligibility.

Applicants should request a temporary license as soon as possible, ideally with a minimum of four weeks in advance of the wedding date in order for the request to be processed in time. Please note that Vital Statistics is currently extremely busy and requests are taking additional time to process.

Important COVID-19 Information & Restrictions

Indoor weddings are allowed with a maximum of 50 people or up to 50% of the venue’s total capacity in attendance, whichever is greater. Please note that this number includes the officiant and that dancing is not allowed. Outdoor weddings are allowed with a maximum of 5,000 people or up to 50% of the venue’s capacity, whichever is greater. Dancing is allowed outdoors.

All weddings must be officiated in person with a minimum of 2 witnesses, as virtual weddings are not legal in BC, and must have a Communicable Disease Plan in place.

Please read this important update and be sure to follow all government requirements for officiating weddings and abide by any restrictions on gathering sizes.

For any questions on clergy licenses, please contact Erin at erink@pacificdistrict.ca.

Temporary Clergy License Request Form

To request a temporary clergy license, please complete the following form:

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

For any questions or inquiries, please contact our office for more information.