Theology Now – A New Ministry

May 4, 2020

The purpose of Theology Now is to teach a grander vision of God.

With over 25 years of theological teaching experience, Stuart McKnight is the primary voice for the ministry of Theology Now. Combining his gifting, astute insight, clarity, creativity, humour, and years of education and training, Stuart is a proven and effective transformational teacher. He has taught in numerous venues in North and Central America, the UK, Africa, and Australia. In addition to primarily teaching in the local church, Stuart has taught at conferences, retreats, seminars, and Bible Schools in addition to coaching and consulting work.

When the local church community apprehends a grander and more compelling vision of God, everything changes! As the church is given just a glimpse of the magnificent plentitudes of God and grasps a fraction more of the mysterious genius of the Gospel – the result is sacred change. Theology Now seeks to deepen and reinforce the spiritual/theological foundations of the Christian community.

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