Tools, Tools, Tools

February 18, 2021

I have plenty of tools in my toolbox, but I still need more. Tools are a necessity for most people, and often we do not have the right ones, or they are somewhere else when we need them. I recently needed a specific tool for a project, and when I went to my toolbox, I realized I had left it in my RV which is parked 10km from my house.

We have been given plenty of “tools” to thrive in ministry, yet we often lack what we need. The pandemic has pushed us to look deeper into our ministry lives and work harder than we thought possible, draining us emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. We need to reach into our Soul Formation toolbox and pull out the necessary “tools” to keep us thriving.

One to One Retreats are designed to help keep our soul well cared for and ensure we have the right “tools” in our toolbox. A Spiritual Director is an invaluable person that can be a lifeline during this challenging season of life.

We encourage you to watch the video below and invite you to join the next One to One session on March 11th @ 1:30pm to experience the ministry of Soul Formation through Spiritual Direction.