Help for Churches Experiencing Transitions in Pastoral Leadership

Transition is an intentional process that takes place between the departure of a Lead Pastor and the arrival of a new one. We desire to assist churches in our District to effectively navigate a season of transition by providing support, guidance, and resources.

Our Vision for Churches in Transition

It is our vision to help churches thrive through transition. Seasons of transition are windows of opportunity for churches to experience spiritual renewal, increased health, and focused mission/vision prior to engaging in the pastoral search. Our desire is that every church hires a new Lead Pastor from a posture of spiritual health, with clarity of vision in dependence on the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Ways We Can Help

Many churches in our District have benefited from the support provided through our Transitional Ministry leaders and resources. These include:

  • A Transitional Ministry Coordinator who works with the District to help churches as they enter into transition
  • The Transitional Pastors Network – a team of Transitional Ministry specialists available to serve our churches through the transitional process
  • Resources that outline the transitional process and provide ways to begin to address the needs of your church

Where to Begin?

It starts with a call to the District Office at 604-372-1922 about your needs and the resources available. Plans will be made to meet with the church Board of Elders in order to explore the ways your church can receive help and support.