Virtual District Conference & Annual General Meeting 2021

  • Event Information

    District Conference is a biennial meeting for licensed workers and church delegates in the Pacific District. The business session, including elections, will be held virtually this year.

    The Annual General Meeting for the Canadian Pacific District (CPD) will be held during the meeting. As part of District Conference and the Annual General Meeting, a special resolution is being presented for approval regarding amendments to the Bylaws of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada Canadian Pacific District (Bylaws of the CPD). A decision profile that includes the motion is linked below for your preparation.

    In preparation for the business meeting, the following documents are available:

    Cost: FREE!
    Registration Deadline: May 14, 2021

    • Date and Time

      May 19, 2021
      Zoom Meeting Opens - 12:30pm (PDT) / 1:30pm (MDT), Call to Order - 1:00pm (PDT) / 2:00pm (MDT)

  • Registration

    We encourage you to read the District Conference Registration and Financial Policy to ensure you are registering in the correct category as outlined on page 1. Please note that as there is no cost for District Conference 2021, the information regarding on-site drop-ins and refunds is not applicable.

    If you are registering as a lay voting delegate who is appointed by the church’s Board of Elders or Advisory Council, you will need to submit a completed Lay Delegate Certification Form prior to District Conference to confirm your voting rights.