Visit by Ukrainian & Polish Pastors

June 23, 2022

On June 22, Fraser Lands Church hosted Pastor Dmitry from Ukraine, and Pastor Krzysztof and elder Jonasz from Warsaw North Church in Poland, a partner of The Alliance Canada.

They repeatedly said, “Thank you!” to Canadians for our support, and talked about how the Canadian Alliance has helped the Polish church to welcome its “guests” from Ukraine. They also explained their plans for meeting the spiritual, as well as physical, needs of people who have lost so much, and told about their media ministry, including a secular TV channel on which they can share the gospel six times daily. You can watch the meeting at

When asked how to pray for them, Pastor Dmitry responded with three requests:

  •  For an end to the war (people are dying every day)
  •  That all Ukrainians will have an opportunity to hear the gospel
  •  For partners who will enable them to continue the work long after the war is over

Wednesday afternoon, Pastor Dmitry was interviewed on CBC Radio’s “On the Coast.” [] He told of heavily armed soldiers coming over the fence of his home and taking him to a Russian prison where he spent eight days, being interrogated frequently. When asked what wisdom he would share with people who are feeling hopeless, he said, “It’s a good time for people to turn their faces to God…. People with sinful hearts are hurting each other. To stop something like that, you really need God in your heart to change your point of view. My wisdom is for people to turn their hearts to Jesus.”

You can give to this ongoing ministry through the Global Emergency Response Fund.