Welcome to Lisa Rohrick – new Assistant District Superintendent for Mission Mobilization!

October 24, 2019

Hello from the Missions Mobilization office of the CPD! After twenty years in West Africa with the Alliance, doing church planting among the nomadic Fulani people, I started my new position in October 2019.

The best part of my job in recent years is that I got to tell the story of redemption to people who had never heard it. Whether my “office” was under the shade of a mango tree or the privacy of a grass-roofed mud hut, there’s nothing I enjoyed more than seeing people understand their need for a Savior and hearing them declare their faith in Jesus Christ.

I had the joy of meeting weekly with a small group of believers who called me their pastor. I storied my way through chunks of Scripture and often learned from my Fulani friends in the discussions that came out of each story.

As God clearly led me to Africa over twenty years ago, He has now led me back to Canada to begin a new chapter. It’s quite a change going from the dusty “shore” of the Sahara Desert to the soggy shore of the Pacific Ocean!

One of the first things on my agenda is to meet official workers and missions committee reps around the district and hear from you some of what your congregations are doing to touch the nations. I want to hear your stories and celebrate how God is using us.

I also want to hear from you how I can be of help to you. It will take me a while to get running full speed, and I may not be able to answer your questions right away, but it will be helpful to me to at least find out what those questions or suggestions are!

Feel free to contact me at lisar@pacificdistrict.ca or 604-372-1922, x103.

I look forward to connecting with you and serving together!

Lisa Rohrick