Work & Mission Church Webinar

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    A new thing is emerging in the international mission focus of the Alliance in Canada – the increased engagement of the Marketplace ‘professional’. Engineers, teachers, medical personnel, mechanics, chefs, consultants and so many other professions too often believe their vocation doesn’t have a place in global mission. That’s changing.

    How will we access 80% of the world’s population who live in countries where overt missionary activity is severely restricted or illegal? Rather than seeing this as a threat, we believe it represents one of the greatest opportunities in mission history – the mass mobilization of professionals as ambassadors of Christ to the marketplaces of the world where people have little to no access to the gospel of the Kingdom.

    We are preparing a new mission pathway for Alliance people to live out their life in Christ in the context of their professional lives around the world. Through a partnership with Scatter Global, we will help people prepare for and find work in the global marketplace. Furthermore, our global IW teams will be part of providing care, community & coaching to help Marketplace personnel be effective ambassadors of Christ.

    To find out more about why “Marketplace” is so significant, you are invited to attend 3 free, 1 hour webinars in early 2021, hosted by our partner Scatter Global. In 2020, the National Ministry Centre has been slowly introducing the Marketplace pathway.

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