Your Will & the Next Generation

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    Your Will and the Next Generation

    Many of us want to leave a legacy for the next generation. We share our faith, love, experience, and encouragement. A well-crafted will can also be part of that lasting and meaningful legacy. When you plan thoughtfully and strategically, you can give your loved ones more than just money: you can teach them about generosity, responsibility, financial accountability, and wise tax planning.

    In this webinar hosted by our partners at Advisors with Purpose, and presented by Lorne Jackson and Sherri Harper, you will hear one family’s experience with passing on a legacy of good financial stewardship, including money management, debt, and living generously, and the strategies that are available to you as well.

    They will discuss RRSPs, vacation properties, trusts, talking to your family, choosing an executor, living wills/personal directives, charitable giving, and powers of attorney. What a wonderful gift this would be for your family and the next generation!

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    • Date and Time

      May 30, 2023
      5:00pm PDT