Children’s Ministry

Ministry to children is an essential part of the discipleship journey for communities, families, and individuals. Discipleship that is experienced during childhood has a lifelong impact on a person’s spiritual and personal formation. That’s a weighty responsibility and being ministers to children is an important calling. We recognize that ministry to children and families looks different in each church setting and ministry in the CPD. It is our desire to support, equip, and create a relational and mentoring network of children’s ministry leaders for those serving in this ministry area, whether they are Official Workers, staff members, or lay leaders.

The best way to be connected with what is happening with children’s ministry in the CPD is through the ongoing conversation on our Facebook Group and by subscribing to the CPD Children’s Ministry newsletter. The newsletter provides information about webinars, surveys, potential meet-ups, encouragement, and communication for children’s ministry leaders in the CPD. The Alliance Children’s Ministry Network Team also provides great resources and connection points for leaders.

For more information, contact our District Children’s Ministry Partner, Carmen Kinniburgh.