Church Bylaws

Are you considering or in the process of amending your church bylaws?

Churches in the Canadian Pacific District all have their own bylaws that must be approved by the District Executive Committee (DEXCOM). Your church’s bylaws constitute an extremely important document for the orderly and lawful operation of your church and its ministry. Bylaws are also living documents that are amended from time to time as circumstances warrant, and are required to be reviewed and subsequently approved by DEXCOM every five years.

DEXCOM’s desire is not to be pushy or authoritarian. This action is in the church’s best interests so that its bylaws would pass scrutiny from any provincial or federal government agency and are fully aligned with the Local Church Constitution.

We would like to help you with this task! To assist you, the District Bylaws Committee has created a Guide to Writing Church Bylaws that includes the Model Church Bylaws. The Model Church Bylaws contain many optional examples and recommendations for best practices beyond the mandatory core, and also provide churches with a clear understanding of how to prepare their bylaws in such a way that DEXCOM can approve them. There is much wisdom reflected in the detail of the Model Church Bylaws!

The current version of the Guide and the Model Church Bylaws can be found below.

Please contact the District Office if you would like assistance or if you have any questions on this matter.

Thank you for your continued work in the gospel, and for your attention to ensuring the effectiveness and protection of Christ’s Church!