Criminal Record Checks

If you are a licensed worker in the CPD, you are required to have a current criminal record check in your personnel file at the District Office in alignment with the Licensing Policy of The Alliance Canada and the CPD Criminal Record Check Policy.

A criminal record check must:

  • be completed through your local RCMP or police detachment
  • include a vulnerable sector check
  • be submitted to the District Office once complete (scanned copies are acceptable)
  • be completed every 3 years

Occasionally, a criminal record check may require a fingerprint search. When such a search is required by the RCMP or local police, both the completed criminal record check and the fingerprint search must be submitted to the District Office.

Please note that criminal record checks completed through other sources such as myBackCheck or the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) will not be accepted due to the following reasons:

  • Criminal record checks completed through myBackCheck are not as thorough as those completed through the RCMP or your local police.
  • While CRRP checks are as thorough as those done through the RCMP or local police, they do not disclose as much information as RCMP and local police checks do. As well, CRRP checks may be affected by data entry backlogs for convictions while criminal record checks completed by the RCMP or local police access and report up-to-date information.
  • The Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General (formerly the Ministry of Justice) itself has recommended to us that all Official Workers go through the RCMP or their local police for a criminal record check.
  • While each church may determine how they screen volunteers, including using the CRRP, paid leaders should be examples in trustworthiness and transparency, which warrants a more thorough background check.

If you have any questions about criminal record checks, please contact the District Office.