Discipling and Mentoring the Next Generation

December 17, 2020

Do you know of any young people (18-35) who have a heart for cross-cultural ministry and who might benefit from meeting other like-minded people through virtual small group meetings? International Workers, Joze and Jocelyn Reverente, are looking forward to hosting these monthly meetings in the new year!

These gatherings will be a mix of discussion on videos from the Global Semester YouTube channel, Bible studies, hearing stories from other International Workers, prayer, and mutual encouragement. If you have someone in mind, please reach out to Joze and Jocelyn to connect and find out more! They can be reached at joceandjoze@gmail.com.

The Global Semester channel was created to resource our Alliance family of churches for discipling and mentoring the next generation of leaders for the church in Canada and overseas. The videos are based on curriculum developed by Joze and Jocelyn and taught during the two Global Semester Internships they led in Senegal and the Middle East. The mission of Global Semester is to help people become better cross-cultural representatives of Jesus Christ locally and globally and to bring honour to Jesus anywhere we are.

Currently the content includes videos on missional engagement, introduction to worldviews, the missiological approach to understanding worldviews, and periodic book recommendations related to missions. Future topics will include the anthropological and theological approach to understanding worldview, contextualization, holistic ministry, and more.

Suggestions on additional topics or training that would be valuable for your local church community are welcome. You can submit your suggestions to globalsemestermedia@gmail.com.