Licensing with The Alliance Canada

If you feel God has called you into ministry and wish to work in The Alliance Canada, the next step is to begin the licensing process. The licensing process is a requirement prior to placement in ministry for all persons serving 15 hours per week or more in a paid local church ministry role. Local church ministry is defined in The Alliance Canada Manual as having “a primary focus on meeting the spiritual needs of people and/or providing church leadership.”

A church may choose to have a preliminary conversation with a candidate prior to candidating, however, successful completion of the licensing process is a prerequisite to hiring.

Requirements for approval for licensing include:

  • Foundational working knowledge of the Bible and biblical theology
  • Display of godly character and a consistent Christian lifestyle
  • A keen sense of mission
  • Full agreement with the doctrines and teachings of The Alliance Canada
  • Completion of the application package
  • Completion of a Grip-Birkman assessment
  • Payment of Grip-Birkman fees
  • A successful interview with the Licensing and Ordination Committee

Candidates who are in a conversation with an Alliance Canada church and are desiring to become licensed should have the church contact the District Office to request an application package. This package will be sent to the candidate. Once all completed application materials are received from the candidate, an interview will be scheduled with members of the Licensing and Ordination Committee.  It is important to note that this process can take some time to complete depending on how quickly the licensing documents can be completed and when an interview can be scheduled.

The Grip-Birkman Assessment

A Grip-Birkman Assessment utilizes two powerful tools, The Leadership Grip and The Birkman Method, to help you find your fit and flourish within the body of Christ. Understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and underlying needs is very important. Grasping who you are, who you are not, and what and who you need will help you understand your fit in the body – and help you lead others to discover their God-given gifts. Seeing how you fit on teams you build and are a part of and knowing how your gifts define your most powerful body-building roles helps you and others fulfill God’s purposes as His body.

Grip-Birkman Fees

$140 for a full assessment for potential lead pastors
$95 for a modified assessment for potential staff pastors