On Mission: Why We Go

June 10, 2022

Volume 5 in the On Mission collection about Canadian Alliance missions is now available. Here’s what Darren Herbold has to say about it:

“On Mission: Why we Go is an extremely timely compilation that is both rigorous in thought and accessible in format as it speaks to and wrestles with the importance of a robust theology of mission. Not only is this recommended reading, but perhaps also urgent and required reading for every follower of Christ.

“… this very concept of ‘going on mission’ can quickly evoke a variety of competing thoughts and emotions and is exactly why this work is perhaps more important than ever. Knowing clearly why we go, how we go, and what issues must be considered as one goes is absolutely crucial in the life of every Christ-follower and their obedience to both His example and command.

“I am thrilled to commend this work to you. It is both timely and relevant and does not shy away from challenges before us.”

Click https://www.cmacan.org/resources/on-mission/ and scroll to the bottom of the page to download a free PDF version of On Mission: Why We Go. In fact, why not download the first four volumes of On Mission on your way by?