Space for God

By: Kurt Peters, International Worker | March 9, 2017

My name is Kurt Peters. I serve as an International Worker in Spain with the Christian & Missionary Alliance, and I am passionate about living and operating out of a listening posture in my relationship with God.

Several years ago I was experiencing the paradox that many of us encounter, where my life and ministry did not reflect the easy yoke and the light burden that Jesus promises his followers. To compound my frustration, I watched helplessly as colleagues and friends, people into whom I had invested time and energy, were one after another crashing ingloriously out of ministry and failing miserably (although sometimes subtly or privately) in life.

In the midst of my exasperation, I finally accepted God’s invitation to go with Him to a quiet place, to listen without an agenda, and to rest. So I began to spend a couple of hours every Saturday morning in a local park by myself. After a few months I was joined by others from the church who were also desperate to hear God´s voice. Thus began a weekly experiment in solitude and community that evolved into what is now known as Space for God.

Today there are a growing number of individuals and groups all over the globe who use Space for God as a spiritual discipline because they find it necessary to regularly unplug from our busy, noisy, and over-stimulated world, and enter into a place of thoughtful contemplation of God´s presence and intentional meditation on His Word. 

Space for God encourages us to pay attention to our Lord, to stop trying to fix ourselves, and instead allow Him to work, cleanse, and set the pace for our lives. Life and ministry are subsequently the overflow of giving our undivided attention to our Creator and King.

Space for God fuses elements of the contemplative, liturgical, evangelical, holiness, and charismatic traditions in a non-threatening, gentle manner. Scripture is read. Prayers are offered. Practiced both in solitude and/or in community, the primary discipline is that of attentive listening to the Shepherd’s voice. It is a dynamic, transformational time of surrender that unlocks opportunities to minister through spiritual direction, discipleship, mentoring, counselling, and healing. 

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Please check it out; it can’t hurt to try. Space for God can be used individually or with others (small groups, leadership teams, men’s and women’s groups, families, co-workers, church planting, etc.). It is simple and transferable. I hope that you join our listening community!